Oct. 5th, 2014

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Apparently part of my job includes being out in the torrential rain for an hour or more at a time on a regular basis. (Um, yeah, I know, WTF...)

I need truly waterproof rain gear, both rain pants and a raincoat. Turns out this is super extra hard to find in plus sizes, particularly plus sizes for short people. People keep pointing me to things that are not actually waterproof or don't exist in nearly large enough sizes for me.

For now I am wearing shorts and a rain poncho (which I have used on numerous hikes for 25 years but has already torn from catching on things after wearing it twice at work). The rain poncho and shorts thing sort of kind of works, but eventually it is going to be 35 degrees and pouring and this will not work so well.

I need I think about a 24 in rain pants, or maybe 26 since it has to go over my clothes, and something like a 26 or 28 in rain coat. Larger is always better, so I can layer under it as needed. The rain pants are the most critical element here, as I suppose I *could* keep buying rain ponchos and using them until they tore. I would really like to have both though, as constantly going through rain ponchos is both seriously expensive and seriously wasteful.

Also, advice needed from folks who have regularly worn waterproof clothing: How does one make sure it dries entirely between uses, especially on the inside, so it does not mildew? And how does one clean it without damaging the waterproofing if it does mildew?


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