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This is hereby my last blog post ever to be cross-posted from DreamWidth to LiveJournal.

Would love to see y'all on DreamWidth. Same user name there.

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Jul. 14th, 2017 12:41 pm
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There I was, in a grocery store in Canada, looking at the bacon. None of the bacon looks like "Canadian bacon" (i.e. what's called "Canadian bacon" in U.S. restaurants). I got some bacon that's as Canadian as can be: grown and processed in Canada, of a Canadian brand named "Maple Leaf". Looks and tastes like American bacon.

Apparently the French word for pancake is crepe. (Pardon me for not dealing with accents over vowels.) I picked up a box of pancake/waffle mix, glanced at the back, and saw recipes-- a recipe for pancakes, and a recipe for crepes-- and then promised Sophia crepes for breakfast. But the recipe titled "crepes" is not for what I would think of as crepes; it was just the French translation of the pancake recipe. D'oh! Tried to wing it, just adding more water than the recipe called for to try to make them thinner. Did not successfully guess correctly how much additional water to add for a really crepe-like result. Oh well, the result was edible and thin enough to manage to fold over the Nutella and banana slices.
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